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Success Stories

Exhibition on SIHL MASTERCLASS Satin Baryta Paper 290

Photographer Thomas Solecki, from Bochum, exhibits pictures from his spectacular new book "1848 - Helden, Legenden, Leidenschaften" (1848 - Gold - Heroes, Legends, Passions)

The Book “1848 Gold- Helden, Legenden, Leidenschaften” a free project by photographer Thomas Solecki, portraying people from the German traditional football club Vfl Bochum…

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Germany's largest photo mounted on glass

Crome Art System uses Sihl's photo paper for spectacular picture project

Displayed in the heart of Munich is Germany’s largest photo mounted onto glass. The stunning 600cm x 280cm large work of art on show in the market hall “Schranne” was a challenge for photographer Michael von Hassel and for print and exhibition experts CromeArt System of Munich. To create the special impression, the picture had to be produced using the inkjet printing technique. The SIHL MASTERCLASS Lustre Photo Paper 300 passed the tests and was chosen for the great project.

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Baryta tells the story of the Nomadic Kirghizia

One of the oldest cultures of central Asia has been brought to life in impressive portraits by Harald Sorgen. Printed on Sihl Baryta paper his exhibited images give the world a rare peek into the world of the Nomadic Kirghizia.

Kirghizia or Kyrgyzstan, as it is known in Germany, screams out to travelers. Not only will one see breathtaking landscapes, but also ancient traditions and an aged lifestyle“, enthuses Harald Sorgen.

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Impressive ducumentary photos on Baryta

In her exhibition "Country with no parents" Andrea Diefenbach shows the everyday moments out of lives of labour migrants and their children from Moldova Her amazing story in pictures is supported by the use of SIHL MASTERCLASS Satin Baryta Paper 290.

The work shows the dramatic situation in its true colors, with complete respect and sympathy she portrays the everyday live of youngsters in their impoverished environment. She does this with a deliberate distance , while close enough to show the full extent of human suffering.

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Silvan Bucher exhibits colour photos on Baryt

Artist Silvan Bucher achieved the 3rd place in the category "Portrait" of the Swiss PR Image Award 2012.

At “PR-Bild Award 2012 the most impressive and exciting photography was exhibited under six categories – Current, sport, portrait, life and environment, culture and art and finally abroad.  Silvan Bucher produced five images of firemen, posing for a Swiss insurance company campaign.

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Shiny jewellery on SIHL MASTERCLASS Metallic Pearl

Photographer Jesper Iversen gains the title "Qualified European Photographer"

The FEP organizes the “FEP Qualifications Image Review” twice a year, whereby professional photographers submit their images in the hope of gaining the title “Qualified European Photographer”. The Danish photographer Jesper Iversen entered 12 pictures in the category advertising – printed on the SIHL MASTERCLASS Metallic Pearl High Gloss Photo Paper 290 – and gained the title.

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Sihl sponsers a photo workshop for children in Africa

Photographer Marie Köhler promotes a cultural dialogue with “Take a picture” project

”Take a picture” was an artistic challenge for 150 children and youths from Burkina Faso, in the form of photo workshops which, over a 4 month period, filled Operndorf (Opera village, founded by Christoph Schillingensief, with life. The children were taught the technical basics of photography before working intensively with their own cameras. The photographic artwork was then printed and exhibited on site. Sihl supported this project right through to the exhibitions with generous donations of their high quality photo and matt papers.

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Moody Japanese photography printed on SIHL MASTERCLASS

The artist Kiiro exhibited his “Light” project in the EMON PHOTO GALLERY, which lies in the heart of Tokyo, between the 19th August and the 20th September.

The Japanese artist was inspired by his wish to show the power of nature and its underlying hidden poetry: for him the rays of the sun falling on a combination of green plants and trees represent this power and symbolize just how precious life is. The images in the exhibition “Light” were taken in different natural lighting i.e. in the natural lively sunlight of the early sunrise, just after a rain shower, the soft lighting at sunset, or the discreet light given from a cloudy sky. The difficulty of the perfect presentation of his images was due to the variety of greens, which could be hard to reproduce accurately in print.

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Discover the charm of printed art

Photographer Ben Hammer presents his project “Randnotizen” (Commentaries) on Sihl MASTERCLASS

The response to his first exhibition, at the Stilwerk in Berlin, immensely impressed the young photographer Ben Hammer: After all, printed on the Sihl MASTERCLASS Smooth Matt Cotton Paper 320 (4852), the prints measured 118 x 160 cms. They received such a tremendous feedback that at the beginning of the year, the enthusiastic blogger posted a video blog “Time for Prints” – searching for and encouraging people to send in their “prints” – in the cool and classic manner of “photos to touch, hang and admire”.

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Emotion beats perfection

Perfect wedding photos on SIHL MASTERCLASS papers

As the son of a photographer, Steffen Böttcher was already commuting between shootings and laboratory as a child. Today he is enthusiastic about first class profes sional wedding photography. Experience, emotion and empathy, alongside perfect technology and presentation are the important ingredients to his success. He credits a proportion of his success to the use of SIHL MASTERCLASS Satin Baryta Paper 290 (4848) and SIHL MASTERCLASS Smooth Matt Cotton Paper 320 (4852).

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