Sihl Masterclass



Silk & Satin

A versatile photo paper!

"A versatile photo paper that satisfies the highest of demands Brilliant, rich in contrast and with a distinguished satin sheen"
SIHL MASTERCLASS Silk & Satin are the perfect photo papers for every occasion. The unique luster coating provides an elegant, lightly structured, smooth surface that minimizes glare without sacrificing color gamut. The high ink capacity ensures the highest color density for deep rich blacks and outstanding detail reproduction. The heavyweight resin coated paper delivers a terrific tactile experience and the non-sensitive surface resists fingerprints, wear and tear for prints that will be frequently handled.


Sihl, Masterclass, Photography, Photo paper, Silk & Satin photo paper

Lustre Photo paper Duo 330

Sihl’s MASTERCLASS Lustre Photo Paper Duo, designed specifically for use in photo albums, is the perfect solution to cut down on cost and bulk of the final deliverable. Both sides exhibit Sihl’s Lustre coating that reproduces images with tremendous color pop, while the lustrous finish cuts down on glare, reduces fingerprints and allows the photo to be wiped clean if needed.
Sihl, Masterclass, Photography, Photo paper, Silk & Satin photo paper

Lustre Photo Paper 300

Sihl’s MASTERCLASS Lustre Photo Paper 300 smooth surface reproduces images with a wide color gamut, sharpness, with minimal glare and perfect gray balance. The latest state of the art coating delivers excellent resolution and a non-sensitive surface that delivers durability when handled

Photo Sample Pack

For the Masterclass photo media you can try the Photo Sample Pack which contains three A4 sheets each of the lustre photo paper, the Lustre duo paper, and both of the High gloss products.  The Masterclass Art media can then be found in Art sample pack; this will also contain three A4 sheets each of the Satin Baryta paper, the Matte photo canvas, and the textured and smooth cotton papers.