Sihl Masterclass



Black & White

Images with character.

For gallery showings and portfolios, when the image calls for the unique feel of a natural barite paper.
SIHL MASTERCLASS Baryta evokes the feel of traditional air dried barite paper with its warm tones and elegant surface. It seamlessly blends the latest in inkjet printing technology to provide an outstanding tonal range, which allows the finest nuances of light and shade to be accurately reproduced.


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Satin Baryta Paper 290

Sihl’s MASTERCLASS Satin Baryta Paper combines a soft surface texture with a satin finish to develop visually stunning images. The state of the art barite and ink receptive coatings generate a very wide color space for detailed and sharp prints, ideal for today’s high resolution photos.

Art Sample Pack

For the Masterclass photo media you can try the Photo Sample Pack which contains three A4 sheets each of the lustre photo paper, the Lustre duo paper, and both of the High gloss products.  The Masterclass Art media can then be found in Art sample pack; this will also contain three A4 sheets each of the Satin Baryta paper, the Matte photo canvas, and the textured and smooth cotton papers.